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Page 1: General Information
If you are currently participating in or have previously completed a Charles Koch Institute educational program, please reach out to for more information on how to complete an alumni application.
Personal Information

Please note that you must be 18 or older in order to participate in the Charles Koch Institute’s Educational Programs.
Contact Information

Ex. VA

If outside US/Canada, please include country code.

Availability and Program Preference

Find out the best times to apply to each program.
Applications are more likely to be waitlisted given that the program date is fast approaching

e.g., legislature, public university, state agency, local agency, military, etc.

The Charles Koch Institute does not offer visa sponsorship, but select partner organizations may. Visit Frequently Asked Questions for more information.

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Page 2: History
Education History
Please provide information about your completed or in-progress undergraduate degree. If you have attended multiple undergraduate schools, please provide details about your current school or the school from which you earned your degree.
If you are not seeking or have not completed an undergraduate degree, please provide information about the institution where you earned your highest level of education.

Ex. VA

Type "NA" if not applicable.

Postgraduate Education History
Please provide information on the highest level postgraduate degree completed or in-progress.


Please upload a PDF format less than 5MB.
If you are returning to this application, you will need to re-upload this document before submitting.



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Page 3: Referral Survey
Referral Survey

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Page 4: Written Responses
Written Responses

Our issues include: Criminal Justice & Policing Reform, Corporate Welfare, Foreign Policy, Toleration & Free Speech, and Technology & Innovation. Read more about the issues.

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Video Response

Which program(s) most interest you? In two minutes or less, please share what you hope to gain from your experience in one of our programs and address how it fits into your overall career goals. If you encounter technical difficulties with the video software and need assistance, please view our Troubleshooting Guide.
Please describe what inspires you to be a storyteller. If you encounter technical difficulties with the video software and need assistance, please view our Troubleshooting Guide.

Accepted video formats: .avi, .mov, .wmv, and .mp4
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Testament of Accuracy

By my signature on this Admissions Application, I certify that all information furnished by me in this Admissions Application, and in any resume or other application materials I have supplied, is true, complete and correct. I certify that I am at least 18 years of age or older. I agree that any false statement made by me, or my failure to answer completely any applicable questions may result in release from, or refusal of, admission. I authorize my former employers and any other persons or organization to provide any accurate information they have regarding my background, and I release all concerned from any liability in connection therewith. I understand that I may be required to supply proof of lawful presence in the U.S. I understand an Admissions Application is automatically considered for all of CKI’s educational programs and is considered active for one year. By signing and submitting this Admissions Application, I certify I am genuinely interested in applying for the educational programs and am submitting this Admissions Application for no other purpose. I acknowledge that I have read this Admissions Application carefully and understand its content.

In an effort to connect applicants to opportunities exploring issues tied to free societies and well-being, the Charles Koch Foundation supports educational, professional, and volunteer resources at the Charles Koch Institute as well as other non-profit organizations. By submitting this application, I understand that the information I provide may be used in accordance with Charles Koch Institute’s terms of use and privacy statement. This means that my information may be shared with the Charles Koch Foundation and may otherwise be used and shared with third parties to contact me about educational, charitable, and related opportunities that may be of interest to me.